The Northern Rangeland Trust (NRT) has established the need to support the County Government of Samburu to develop, validate and disseminate a ten-year Tourism Strategic Plan (2022-2031).

The proposed ten-year Samburu County Tourism Development Strategic Plan shall provide for Samburu County tourism vision; management of destinations; marketing strategy; definition of top and unique experiences; destination branding and positioning; and creation/inclusion of tourism circuits.

Working closely with NRT and Samburu County staff representing the project and other key stakeholders, we shall;

  • Develop a sound methodology that grounds the strategic plan and facilitates a directional analysis of tourism in Samburu County
  • Baseline and Reconnaissance studies
    • Conduct a baseline study for the tourism sector in Samburu County
    • Undertake the Samburu tourism sector reconnaissance study (including capacity need assessments of stakeholders and destinations)
  • Guide stakeholder mapping and consultations and understand, obtain, and analyze qualitative and quantitative data relevant to stakeholders and partners.
  • Facilitate a stakeholder planning workshop to develop plans and strategies with clear deliverables, indicators, and tools
  • Undertake one exposure tour to benchmark best practices in wildlife conservancies, hospitality and tourism
  • Develop the Samburu Tourism Strategic Plan; Tourism action plans; and Tourism Circuit(s)
  • Present the zero draft of the Samburu Tourism Strategic Plan to the key stakeholders
  • Lead the finalization and validation of the Samburu Tourism Strategic Plan with key stakeholders.